Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Most Palpatini shirts are only available in black... is it possible to get them in other colors?





Q:  I just placed an order, when will I get the goods?


Q:  What's the deal with "flat rate shipping"?







Q:  After I buy that sweet ass Palpatini t-shirt, what will show up on my credit card statement?


A:  Palpatini is a passion project run by Jay Kaslo and crew (Kaslo LLC).  Therefore Kaslo LLC will show up on your credit card statement after you purchase that sweet ass Palpatini shirt... or 2... or 3.






Q:  On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate Jar Jar Binks?


A:  Umm... infinity.  The hate is swelling in me now.







Q:  Is there a Palpatini YouTube channel?


A:  I thought you'd never ask!  Yes, and we're quite proud of it...



We're always cranking on Star Wars mashups and such.  It's our firmly held belief that we can deftly mash up Star Wars with ANY movie.  Got a request?  Let us know what you wanna see next!  And of course SUBSCRIBE to be the first to see the latest & greatest.






Q:  When will then be now?


A:  Soon.  (Okay not a Star Wars reference, but... close enough.)







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